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  Selected Projects in China
   •   Aurora Plaza Shanghai, China   •   Huzhou Pacific Place Huzhou, China

 •   ALTEK Digicam Technology (Kunshan) Co., LTD Kunshan, China      

•   IBM Microelectronic Division Manufacturing Facilities Shanghai, China
   •   AT&S Aktiengesellschaft Administration Building Shanghai, China •   IBM Testing & Packaging Facility Shenzhen, China
   •   Bank Of China Headquarters Interior Shanghai, China •   LanBaoWan IV Zhengzhou, China
   •   Boeing Aero Composite Plant Tianjin, China  •   Liteon, Wuxi 6" FAB Jiangsu, China
   •   CBD Commercial Center Zhengzhou, China •   Links Clubhouse Facility Shanghai, China
   •   Dennis Shangqiu Mall Shangqiu, China •   Ping Hu Arts & Cultural Center Shenzhen, China
   •   Duoyuan Zhengzhou GaozhaiChangjiang No.1 Project Zhengzhou, China •   Qingpu Xia Yang Lake Pu Yang Building Shanghai, China
   •   Fortune Garden Shanghai, China •   Rome Garden Office Building Tianjin, China
   •   Golden Landmark Office Building Shanghai, China •   South-East Automobile Manufacturing Facility Expansion Project Shanghai, China
   •   Guang Da Exhibition Center Shanghai, China

•   Three on the Bund Shanghai, China

   •   GRACO Suzhuo, China •   The Chinese Museum Of Film Beijing, China
   •   Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing Plant Zhangjiang, Shanghai, China •   Union Square Zhengzhou, China
   •   Hejian Technology £®Suzhou£© Co.,LTD Suzhou, China •   Yangpu District No.2 Commercial Center  - Competition,First Prize Shanghai, China
   •   Hongkou Plaza Shanghai, China •   Zhuxiyuan Shanghai, China
   •   HITACHI Manufacturing Facility Shenzhen, China  
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