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  Project Approach and Philosophy

We believe that the work of Architecture/Engineering is a creation deriving from fundamental essentials of its primary users. Design concepts are derived from fundamental elements such as aesthetic considerations, structures, services, functions, and the environment. Design solutions are achieved through various design processes of resolving matters from fundamentals, and respond sensibly to requirements and constraints.

Our objective in each project is to develop structural system concepts simultaneously with the architectural design concept in the earliest stage of project development and to integrate the building service systems directly and economically. During the schematic phase of a project, optimum structural designs are prepared from an extensive review of structural system possibilities in concrete, steel and composite varieties. The amount and character of structural materials for each alternative will be developed for budget estimating and structural system selection.

We emphasize the ˇ°Team Approachˇ± in each project. We actively participate in design and coordination sessions for maximum integration of the engineering systems with the architectural design and functional relationships for overall project efficiency. Our team members will be on the project from start to finish, maintaining the philosophy and the integrity of the design.

Our unyielding insistence on excellence has been regarded with a consistent quality of architectural/engineering design, planning, technical performance, and a continuing reputation of the highest professional standard. Our principals have researched, developed and implemented many new building concepts, which not only enhance the overall project but also produce cost-efficient design using the latest construction materials, techniques and systems.

We have extensive experience in fast track and the scope construction methods and ability to adapt to rigorous time schedules. Our senior staffs, individually and collectively, have the experience of working directly with the best contractors and, therefore, have a firm grasp of their construction methodology.